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Frequently Asked Questions about MLM-VN (Multi-Level Marketing Virtual Network)

What are the benefits if i join MLM-VN?
If you are a member of any MLM network like Amway, RMP, ProHealth, etc. and wants to know who are the other interested MLM customers, then, this is the right place! We keep a network of members of various MLM schemes - happening through out Kerala/India/NRI region.

For those who do not know what is MLM, the benefits will start counting virtually and assured surprise gifts will be announced once the the whole MLM-VN network matures. Only thing you have to do is JOIN in this scheme and start referring your friends.

How much i have to spend?
Unlike other MLM schemes, you do not have to spend any penny to join this scheme - Yup! No purchases! No payments!

What does MLM-VN contain?
You create a virtual MLM tree/network of your friends (ofcourse, the registrants will be those who are interested in MLM!). It gives you weekly report - how many on your left line and on your right line and very importantly, how much you virtually earned. You will be able to redeem the virtual earnings to buy products or services - announced later through email.

Join MLM-VN and
start developing your own Virtual Network!


If you are already a member of, LOGIN.

Otherwise, REGISTER @


Sample representation of a MLM-VN network

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